interior design kuwait


DFL’s approach to interior design combines outstanding creativity and solid concepts that enable clients to consider fresh ideas and solutions tailored to their requirements.

We create spaces that seamlessly integrate people, the environment and the ultimate purpose of the space. Our experience covers a range of new-build and renovation projects that includes residential, workplace, retail and hospitality sectors.

The design process is categorized into stages which include Pre-Design, Concept Design, Construction documents and the final Construction of the project. From conceptual renderings to detailed plans, material finish selections and custom cabinetry to interior furnishings and budgeting to construction, we are available to take care of all facets of the design-build process.

exterior design kuwait


The exterior design and facade of a project sets an indicative tone of the style and design theme of the interior. As it is essentially linked with actual construction, we take serious considerations into form, texture, structure, materials, surroundings, mass, and costs before embarking on the design of exteriors.

We believe buildings should be timeless and inspiring, yet practical for both their owners and occupants. At DFL, we help our clients capture that potential by designing exteriors that effortlessly combine form and function.

We combine our vision and years of experience realizing projects to deliver solutions that reflect both the pragmatic needs of our clients and the contextual demands.

landscaping kuwait


We are committed to creating lively outdoor spaces that reflect a complete synergy between the external and internal environments.

To achieve a delicate balance between function, climate and style, we begin each landscape project by thoroughly studying the requirements of the client and analysing the site until we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the issues and challenges.

Then, we evolve a conceptual landscape design that paves the way to further detailing and implementation. This process essentially blends informed design gestures with natural systems to establish a sense of place.

construction kuwait


Dfineline provides comprehensive construction supervision services that provide the best and quality result for our clients. From conceptualization, budgeting and covers different stages of construction we provide state of the art construction supervision services in Kuwait, with our highly skilled, proactive and dedicated team with expertise.

We collaborate with owners, site supervisors and consultants to develop, document and materialize the proposed design for the project. According to the challenges requiring creative resolutions arise, we are able to address as both your designer and consultant.

The keen eye for design, attention to details and the determination in projects, enable us to reassure the client that will have value for his investment.

project management kuwait


Realizing the spaces we design requires transparency and a streamlined business process.

We at DFL have developed a detailed process and strategy from the beginning to the end result to meet the project management needs for each client.

We control the process of project delivery through a rigorous set of standards that ensure quality, budget and schedule are maintained. We bring a professional approach to our design projects ensuring that details are carefully considered, documented, and that all elements come together perfectly.

The team assures that the design is executed with reliable and reputable trade sources professionally and with the utmost integrity.