What it will cost

Interior designers have various fee structures. They might charge an hourly rate or a flat fee, which could be as low as several thousand Euro’s and as high as five figures, you might also agree to a percentage of total project costs.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t assume that hiring a designer is beyond reach. Many will be happy to help, if only with a few drawings or just the material selection. Work it out with the designer.

interior designer

Collect samples

Collect samples even if you have trouble articulating your desired look, pictures of designs you love can instantly give the designer a sense of what you desire. He or she will ask you about specific points of the design that resonate with you and use those as guidelines. On the flip side, pull examples of colors, materials and furniture styles that turn you off, can be equally helpful.

Involve the designer

Involve the designer as early as possible in the building process. If you’re remodeling or building from scratch, include the designer in the planning stages with your architect and contractor. By doing that, everyone involved will all be on the same page and can even out any potential discrepancies — particularly those that involve the bones of a home, window location, HVAC diffuser planning, bathroom layout were plumbing, beams and duct etc – it’s another entirely to move it after installation.

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